Allen-Bradley Ethernet

The Allen-Bradley Ethernet protocol encapsulates a DF1 protocol body to transfer data. The PLC4X driver currently only supports the protected typed logical read with a limited number of data types.


The connection string looks as follows: ab-eth://<ip-address>/<station>

The field address: N<file>:<offset></bitnumber>:<datatype>[<numberofbytes>]. The following data types are available at the moment: SINBLEBIT (requires bitnumber to be set), WORD (2 byte integer), DWORD (4 byte integer), INTEGER (returns the number of bytes requested as an array, for other data types <numberofbytes> will be ignored).

Example of a SINGLEBIT read: N10:22/5:SINGLEBIT (file 10, offset 22, bitnumber 5)

Example of a WORD read: N10:84:WORD (file 10, offset 84, 2 byte integer)