This part of the PLC4X website is dedicated to people wanting to use Apache PLC4X.

It will provide information on the features and how to use them as well as documentation on how to use the different integration modules.

Apache PLC4X allows you to communicate directly with your industrial Hardware, without having to retrofit it.

This is possible, as PLC4X implements drivers for the most common industrial communication protocols and uses these to access industrial hardware using a shared API.

Currently we support the following protocols:

Besides providing access to devices using one of above protocols, Apache PLC4X also ships with integration modules for the following tools and frameworks.

As last category of tools come modules that can be used in your applications:

  • Connection Pool (Connection Pool for PLC connections)

  • Object PLC Mapping (OPM) (Object PLC Mapping - Like JPA for PLC data)

  • Scraper (Util for automating fetching PLC data using a variety of triggers)

  • Testing-Utils (Want to build/test an application without having a PLC …​ this is the tool for you)